November 25, 2014

Featured on Hollywood on the Potomac

Good morning all you social climbers.  Yes, we’re talking about you!  Blame it on the Cro-Magnons…or the Pilgrims or the Declaration of Independence for that matter.  ….  they are all complicit in the origins of social climbing.

Look at it this way: “Given that the “pursuit of happiness” is guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence, and that upward mobility is a key ingredient in the melting pot that made our country great, social climbing is as American as apple pie,” say co-authors of The Social Climber’s Bible Jazz Johnson and Dick Wittenborn.


Johnson & Johnson heiress Jazz Johnson is a lifelong insider in that rarefied world that fans of both Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl dream about. Raconteur Dirk Wittenborn is old enough to remember when sex was safe and cocaine wasn’t addictive. In short, Jazz belongs to some of the most exclusive clubs in the world, whereas Dirk has been kicked out of them.  “It’s a simple bloodline,” said co-author Wittenborn who is related to Johnson. “Her family is Johnson and my father was a college professor.”


“I think you get to a certain point,” said Jazz, “when you have to ask yourself  ‘are you insulted, or are you entertained.’  I think a great social climber is worth their tap.  They’re entertaining, they’re the life of the party.”


So have a go at it.  Take the test and see what kind of social climber you are, then up your game.

“If you’re offended by what we’ve written, I think it’s a dead give away and you should find a copy and read it in secret.”

Originally published on Hollywood on the Potomac

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